This agreement is made, and hereby entered into, on this______Month_______Day_______Year by and between Tre'Good German Shepherd's, (hereafter referred to as "seller") and______________________, (hereafter referred to as "Buyer"), for the purpose of setting forth the terms and conditions of the purchase by the Buyer of a purebred German Shepherd.

This agreement is between













Name of Sire______________________________________________AKC#_______________________________


Name of Puppy or Dog_______________________________AKC#_______________________________



Registered Name of Puppy_______________________________________________________________

Is this dog being purchased as a service dog prospect     YES   NO

What is the name of the organization that will be finishing your dog to your specific service or alerting needs 

 Level of Obedience training____________________________________________________________________________

Level of Public Access Training, Family Companion or Service dog_____________________________________________




a. The seller warrants that the above-described animal is in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time Buyer assumes ownership. Buyer agrees to have animal examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 48 hours of receipt of the animal. If as a result of the examination, the Veterinarian determines that the animal is suffering from a serious medical condition, then the Buyer can elect to keep the animal or return the animal to the Seller for a full refund. If the Buyer elects to return the animal, the Buyer agrees to provide, a written Veterinarian certificate stating that the animal was seriously ill when examined. The Seller will refund all monies received from Buyer toward the purchase price of the animal.

our preference IS that you pick up your puppy/dog or that you elect to have one of our handlers deliver the puppy/dog to your home.

If we deliver the puppy/dog to you, you will have two to four days to decide if the puppy/dog is right for you. If you decline the puppy/dog your deposit will be refunded but the cost of delivery will not be refunded.


c. Buyer agrees upon purchase of the puppy that the Dog will be registered with the following name:_______________________________________________________________________________

b. Buyer agrees seller may repossess the pup or young trained dog if there is proof of neglect and/or abuse.

c.  The buyer acknowledges that the puppy or dog can be returned to seller at any time. The buyer agrees that should it become necessary to sell or otherwise place this animal, the buyer will notify the Seller before taking such action. The seller may purchase the dog or the Seller will help the Buyer find a suitable family to buy or adopt the dog (purchase price is based on age and training level). If the dog is to be placed in an animal shelter or rescue the dog must be returned to the Seller.

d. Seller strongly recommends that the buyer continues obedience classes with the new puppy or dog and that socialization is also continued.

e. Buyer agrees to keep in contact with the seller over the puppy/dog's life. The seller asks the buyer to inform the seller of any health or behavior issues that may develop over the puppy/dog's life. The seller will offer any assistance possible to seller. Buyer also agrees to do anything possible to help resolve any health or behavior issues.

f. The buyer agrees to inform the seller of any change of address, phone number, or email address so seller can maintain an up to date file on the puppy/dog sold to buyer.

g. Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully, and that this contract is construed under the jurisdiction of the state of Arizona, in the county of Coconino. It is agreed the place of venue shall be in Flagstaff, Arizona. No action may be initiated in any other jurisdiction.


X-ray films of the pups hips/elbows, taken by a certified orthopedic veterinarian showing proper positioning of the dog during the x-ray  must be submitted to OFA for evaluation at the owners expense, within 60 days of the pup turning two years of age. If the validx-rays do not show a fair or better OFA rating, the buyer can choose from one of the following options:

a.  Keep the dog, and with proof of spay or neuter, receive a replacement pup of equal value from the next available litter or next available young trained adult.

All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the Buyer. 

By signing the contract, the buyer acknowledges they have been informed that young bones do not properly calcify until 12 months of age. We hope that the Buyer will not allow environmental conditions to adversely affect the development of the hip and elbow structure. Preventive care of the animal in regards to hip dysplasia is wise, such as proper nutrition-- preferably raw,-- maintaining the pup at the proper weight, proper exercise, preventing stress injuries from jumping and no forced exercise such as running until 18 months of age.

*The hip and elbow agreement will not be honored if your pup is female and has been bred before two years of age.

* The hip and elbow agreement will not be honored if your puppy is spayed or neutered before the age of 24 months. Your puppy's hormones are necessary for the proper development of bones and joints.

* In the best interest of our dogs we are now recommending that you have your dog altered in a way that retains your dogs sex hormones without the risk of reproduction. Ovary sparing spays and vasectomy are now available for dogs. These procedures can be done as early as eight-months of age.


Tom Phafman, DVM
Integrative Vet Med Center
615 W Deer Valley Rd #114
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(623) 594-6758
 Offers ovary sparing spay, ovariectomy, vasectomy.

The above link will take you to a list of veternarians across the United States that perform sex hormone spay and vasectomy procedures.



If a genetic problem that would prevent said puppy or dog from living a normal life is diagnosed  by a veterinarian, during your puppy's or dog's first seven years of life you can keep your dog and we will replace the dog or puppy for one of equal value. The diagnosis must be made by a neutral Veterinarian, who provides certified records. The Seller reserves the right to seek a diagnosis from a Veterinarian of their choice.

It is important that the buyer is aware that genetics are the gun but the environment is the trigger. If the dog is maintained on an organic, gress-fed raw or home cooked diet an underlying genetic condition may never become active. If you over vaccinate or feed grocery store kibble a myriad of illness may develop. A cheap diet is never cheap.


5-Health Links

At Tre'Good German Shepherds we do everything in our power to produce heatlhy dogs. But once you pick up your pup her/his health and well-being is in your hands. Pukka'S Promise: The Quest for Longer Lived Dogs is filled with the science and information you will need to keep your dog healthy. We will also continue to post articles for your reference on this page. So check in occasionally to get the latest updates.


a. We hope that the Buyer will maintain this dog/pup in good health and to provide a high quality diet. A raw food diet purchased from Reel Raw, US Welness Meats or other company that provide grass-fed organic meat. If you do not want to feed raw, homemade meals are also an excellent option. Over the years it has come to our notice that dogs fed kibble tend to live 9 to 10 years with a prolonged. painful and disease compromised old age. While dogs that are fed raw or home cooked meals tend to live to 13 or 14 with an active old age with short decline to a death by natural causes. The breeder can only do so much. It is your responsibility to keep your dog in good health.

b. We hope that the buyer will provide proper daily exercise to maintain the pup/dog at the proper weight and fitness level. The Buyer acknowledges that a German Shepherd Dog needs daily walks,  free hikes, time on a treadmill, or games of fetch twice per day. If your pup is not allowed to release his/her energy with daily activity in home behavior will be adversely affected. Some older puppies enjoy runs or bike rides, but never force your pup to exercise beyond his/her limit.

c.  We hope that this pup/dog will not be left in a backyard or kennel only.This pup is sold with the understanding that it was to a Buyer that avowed the pup would become a family member. We hope that the dog will sleep indoors with the family at night. The dog must become a member of your family to assure the family bond, which will maintain the protective nature and temperament of the pup.