We offer Super Puppy, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced training. We offer several training packages. By the month at our location, private lessons, and group classes. We offer advanced training but we do not train off leash obedience. The amount of training needed  to proof a dog 100% for off leash obedience would price a dog in the $50,000 range. Military dogs do have this level of training and are priced accordingly. Even dogs with advanced training will think for themselves on occasion--they are not robots. Most great trainers have a story about working their dog off leash at a park when a squirrel runs by and the dog takes off after it, right into the road, and gets hit by a car.

Taking your dog out off leash is not worth the risk of losing a beloved family companion. We will work with you to create a dog who feels off leash while still under your constant control.

anouk 3.jpeg


1- Beginning loose leash left or right side heeling.



4-Beginning come





8-Watch me

9-Wait at door






1-Sit/ stay 3-5 minutes with distraction

2-Down 15-30 minutes with distraction

3-Precision loose leash walking

4-Focused heeling

5-Front and finish

6-Beginning down in motion

7-Beginning sit in motion

8-Wall command, dog between you and a wall



8-Beginning back-up

9-Beginning out of site commands

10-Beginning distance recall

11-Intermediate stand

12-Watch me in a crowd, focused heeling during high traffic distraction

13-Beginning walk behind command for crowds and stairs

14-Distance recall

15-Place command

16-Beginning engagement 


1-Distance commands

2-Down in motion

3-Sit in motion

4-Stand in motion

5-Protection/alert command

6-Behind in crowds and on stairs


7-Wait before exiting a door in a public setting

8-Back at side or from a distance

9-Come fast or slow

10-Drop on recall

11-Go to command

12-Engagement under distraction


Due to popular demand we are now offering an new training package. This package can stand alone or be added to the other levels. The Complete Socialization  package takes your dog to a new level. The dog will be taken out of state to learn how to behave On an airplane (service dog prospects only) or during a road trip. The dog will be trained in a large city like Los Angles, or San Diego. The dog will be taken to the beach and other novel experiences that are not available in Arizona. A trip to Disney Land can also be added for service dog prospects. Your dog will be rock solid in public and during travel after going through this program.


Super Puppy is a bonding and language development class. During this class your puppy will learn that all good things come from you not the environment You will teach your puppy how to learn and you will also learn how to listen to your puppy when he/she tries to communicate with you.