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Ace of Tre'Good/SOLD

Jagger of Tre'Good/ SOLD


Delight earns her name. She is a sweet, calm puppy who enjoys being with her humans. She's ready for a hike or fun when you are but also enjoys hanging around the house. She has amazing problem solving skills and learns quickly. She is just starting beginner obedience.


Jackie is a spayed, three year old female.

HD a(0,0), ED (0,0) DM (N/N)

Jackie is a delight. Very easy to handle with exceptional handler focus. Protective but safe in all public situations. She is a low energy, medium drive dog. Loves to work on her obedience commands but happy to hang out at home also. Needs a walk or about ten minutes of fetch twice a day. She is trained to the advanced level and also has public access training. She could be a service dog or a Step Above family companion.

We do not like to sell puppies sight unseen. If you are unable to come to us (we offer a guesthouse) we will bring your puppy to you. The delivery fee consists of a round trip plane ticket for the handler and the cost of the hotel room. The handler will stay 2-5 days and will help introduce the pup to it's new home and offer training for the new team.

If for any reason you think the pup or young trained adult is not a fit for you the handler will return home with the pup and your purchase price will be refunded. We do not refund the price of travel. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are happy, the pup will be happy and we will have served you both well.


Scott of Tre'Good/SOLD Retained Breeding Rights

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