Tasha’s Pedigree

OFA Good/Normal, DM N/N

(Coefficent of inbreeding 6.30)

If her magnificent, large, chiseled head and intelligent, piercing gaze are not enough, her intellect and sensitivity are off the scale. Tasha is a diabetic medical alert service dog. To date she has 100% accuracy. She will even wake from a sound sleep to alert her handler. She is what we call a keen dog. She has learned so many commands that her ability to learn a new command comes with only two to three repetitions. She has a strong desire to please her handler but is also able to think for herself in tough situations. She is everything we look for in a German Shepherd. She is very protective of her home and handler, but she is perfectly safe in varied situations and around all people accepted by her handler. Tasha has a very solid nerve base and is clear headed. She can go anywhere with her handler day or night. She has flown several times ( her longest flight was six hours) she is solid in airports and on long plane flights. She is a kind, intuitive dog who takes her job very seriously. She has a medium/high energy level. She needs a hike or a game of fetch in the morning, but burns off the rest of her energy following her handler around town. She is a dog who needs mental stimulation and a job.

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