About Us

We believe dogs possess a spirit, that they feel happiness, boredom, frustration, sadness, fear, joy--a variety of emotions. We believe that we are responsible for the quality of our dog's lives. Because of this belief, we raise and nurture a limited number of exceptional quality old-style, flat-backed German Shepherds. We do this so that we can promote a high quality of life for each of our dogs. All of our dogs are OFA certified hips and elbows and are MDR-1 and DM negative. We do not maintain our German Shepherds in a kennel. Instead, they run free on fifteen dog fenced acres.  

We raise highly trainable, intelligent, naturally protective dogs, who are capable of profoundly bonding with their people. By keeping the needs of our dogs foremost, we produce family companions who are not emotionally or mentally stifled. Our dogs are vibrant, alive, and ready to form a solid bond with their new families.

We raise our puppies using the Tre'Good method. A method that utilizes nature and positive reinforcement to develop our pups and young, trained adults. We educate our puppies and dogs in functional family obedience. This style of education is a combination of basic obedience and other commands which make living with your dog a joy at home and out in the world. We teach our dogs to listen to us but also teach them that we can hear what they are saying.  Our dogs are raised knowing that we will work in partnership with them.

We have a solid health guarantee, and we also offer lifetime support to our handlers. We have forty years of German Shepherd experience to share with you. We stand behind our dogs and our clients.

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Environmental comittment

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr





We consider the environmental impact of our family operation; We take every effort to reduce our pawloution-- a term coined by V-Dog.

All of our dogs eat a homemade, raw, organic, grass-fed meat and vegetable diet. We avoid factory-farmed meats to reduce our environmental impact and to protect our dogs form the antibiotics and dangerous bacteria found in human-grade meat. All of our meats are purchased from small family farms. Our dogs' meals include raw vegetables, superfoods, and raw sweet potato. Our therapy dogs are the exception; they are fed cooked meat and raw vegetables. Our dogs thrive on their diets. We are committed to developing the health, intelligence, and vitality of the puppies we raise. We want your new pup to live fully into his/her potential. The extra work and money we put into our dogs pay back a lifetime of dividends to the dog and his/her new person or family.

A Beautiful Setting

 We do not warehouse our dogs or keep them in kennels. Our dogs run free on fifteen dog-fenced acres in the high mountains of Northern Arizona. We maintain a limited number of exceptional quality German Shepherds, which allows us to bond each dog with a human of its own. Each of our breeding dogs lives a normal family life. They are not maintained in a kennel for our ease of care. Our dogs are fit and muscular because of the freedom they have and because of their daily runs, hikes, or trail rides (with our horses).